Tuesday, June 7

lindsay l.

Lindsay L. | Snow Cone Maker/Owner
Years of Industry Service: 3
When a customer came up to the window and asked which flavor was good, Lindsay said, "I make all of them so I have to like all of them." Having tried many of her snow cones before, there is no "have-to" about it for us. They really are so good....all of them. With whimsical illustrations created for every flavor, Lindsay brings personality and fun to each snow cone. She is currently working on creating Mango Ginger, knowing only that it's a "her" snow cone, the rest is still coming together. You can see her illustrated flavors here on flickr.

Last year, Fresher than Fresh was a successful Kickstarter project. The funds raised through this unique program made it possible to complete renovations on her 1957 Shasta trailer. Lindsay was definitely ahead of the curve in Kansas City's food truck games. However, she's happy to see the expansion, growth and popularity of the mobile food concept in KC. After visiting Austin and seeing all their food trucks, she said, "It's what I secretly wished would happen (in Kansas City)."

This summer, she has six part-time employees for the season and is expanding into popsicles! You can read more about Lindsay (she's gotten a ton of great press) and find her snow cone schedule & locations on her website.
Lindsay was photographed in the Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones trailer at the Waldo Farmer's Market.

Full disclosure: We're really big fans of Lindsay's work and her snow cones
so if you think you heard us gushing, you were absolutely right!

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Anonymous said...

Ever considered interviewing farmers? Laura of Blue Door Farms in your first pic would be a good profile to read about.

Linh + Tina said...

Farmers are on absolutely our list. What they do is vital to the food industry....thanks for bringing that up Lindsay!