Friday, June 24

rachel h.

Rachel H. | Baker/Barista
Years of Industry Service: 1.5
Rachel is a self-taught baker. She has always enjoyed it, but during college, she really upped her skills while baking with friends with whom she created a project called Cookie Bombs. They made baking fun and outrageous, surprising friends with their baked goods and their ideas. Rachel's masterpiece included building a Trojan horse filled with sweet goodies and sneaking into a friend's house to deliver them. Another project, named Operation Dessert Storm, involved rewriting a Donald Rumsfeld speech about the gulf war into a manifesto about baking.

Rachel has participated in a year-long internship at Wren Song, an 80-acre, organic, demonstration farm  in Northeast Missouri. Wren Song is electricity-free and all the machines are human-powered. Now Rachel helps run a smaller half-acre farm in Midtown with her neighbors. She also volunteers at two other community gardens and works at a greenhouse part-time. 

Rachel graduated in 2008 but is going back to school to study law. 

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