Thursday, June 30

Restaurant Graphics: Genessee Royale Bistro

Kansas City, Missouri
Art Direction: Brady Vest
Design: Jenn Rogers
"In addition to the modified  lettering for the word "Royale", we used Helenic and Trade Gothic and a nice typeface with a ridiculous name called Darling Nikki for all of the Prince fans in the audience. 

We used chipboard for the main lunch and dinner menu graphics. Chipboard is an industrial grade recycled board. The other papers are French Durotone and other various other scrap papers for small temporary menus we have printed for them. We contacted Dan Brewer at Arbuckle Signs to hand paint the logo on the window - that's right, hand painted, not vinyl. We wanted it to be as authentic as the older sources we were pulling from and it turned out perfectly imperfect. 

When we were asked by Todd and Tracey to develop the logo and identity work for their new restaurant project - Genessee Royale -  we were thrilled. We have been huge fans of Happy Gillis and were excited to be a part of their new restaurant. They gave us very little specific guidelines, other than the fact that it should have some aesthetic connection to its location in the West Bottoms and that it was going to have a subtle nod to French Bistro as well as some color directions.

We began to look at older sources for the logo references such as hand painted signage from small town cafes to gold leafed signage in authentic French Bistros. We tried to keep the crown as a connection 
to the West Bottoms, the American Royal, etc. while not making it too central to the logo."
{Brady Vest} 

See their press archive here. It's a big and impressive list that includes representation in design, wedding and home decor publications, a healthy presence in the blogosphere and chosen as one of the best rock posters "of all time" by
Hammerpress has an AWESOME store on Southwest Boulevard. Brady is engaged to Lindsay.


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