Monday, October 29

matt f.

Matt F. | Manager
Garozzo's » Lee's Summit, Missouri
Years of Industry Service: 7
Matt went to college for hotel management and graduated from Oklahoma State in 2009. He waited tables throughout college and wants to run his own restaurant one day. Right now, he's learning the business "on someone else's dime." His dream is simple, "just a burger joint," he says, "something with a nice big grill, good food and good quality, a family area." Although the restaurant life tends to be high stress, at the end of the day, he appreciates his employees and seeing his customers smile.

When Matt isn't working, he works out, sleeps, takes the dog out and drives around the city. His go-to bars are The Granfalloon and O'Dowd's on the Plaza.

When we interviewed Matt last fall, he was managing the Lee's Summit restaurant, but we caught him down in Columbus Park. His parents were visiting from Texas the day we stopped by.

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