Thursday, August 30

Peek into Little Freshie

Kansas City, Missouri » Westside
Whenever I want a sweet coffee date, Little Freshie immediately pops into mind. Before they opened, I never did coffee dates. It was almost always boozy. This place makes me so happy though, the warm wood tones and soft colors juxtaposed with clean, masculine details. The best seat in the house is of course by the window, where you can watch the neighbors walk barefoot down the street as they go about their day. A baby slung on her mother's back stared at us and then broke out into the most incredible laugh. We took our doggie Apollo with us this morning and he did a fine job of barking madly at every dog and man that passed by. To see Little Freshie in motion and in color, click here.

Photos by Linh Trieu


The Purple Carrot said...

Love those photos (as always!) -- Little Freshie is easily one of my favorite places!

SaySu said...

This is a great post, and and lay out, inspires me to dust of my keys again. Thank you!