Monday, February 25

Metcalf South

When I first moved to Kansas City in 1991, Metcalf South was a pretty happening mall. My sisters and I spent a lot of time out there goofing off, waiting for our parents. But it's been years since I've been back, and only to Macy's. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even seen one movie at the gorgeous Glenwood Theater.

A friend chose Metcalf South for our weekly walk since the snow was piled outside in small mountains. We circled the three floors like hamsters trapped in a cage, seeing the same few stores over and over. It was monotonous, and being there was like stepping back in time. Way back before 1991 as I remember it anyway.

The empty stores left shadows of what was once there, from The Gap to Topsy's and Fox Photo. We did have a great time seeing ourselves reflected on the ceiling mirrors and curved reflective columns that distorted our images like funhouse mirrors. 

It was a bit sad to see so many empty storefronts. Most shops were wholesale and not open to the public or service oriented businesses like a cat shelter. Maybe one day, Metcalf South will go by the wayside like Indian Springs Mall and disappear altogether. But for now, you can lace up your tennies, pull up your sweatpants up above your waist, swing those arms, and become a mall walker for just a little longer.

All photos taken with my iPhone – Linh Trieu