Wednesday, November 2

BFF: Burger, Fish, Fries

Kansas City, Missouri » Westport
It was a Friday afternoon when Tina and I went in for a late lunch at Beer Kitchen, it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny fall afternoon. Sometimes, when we start the day, it's easy to forget that other people are ending theirs....until you see them order PBRs and realize, oh right, it's Friday afternoon and they're probably starting the weekend early. Westport was buzzy and was great to see a lively crowd inside, even during the supposedly quiet hours.

Their housemade ketchup, a smoked chipotle and an original blend.

Fish & Chips, $14
Tempura ale-battered whole cape capensis filet,
malt vinegar aioli, cider slaw & a bucket of hand-cut fries.

American Kobe Burger with "Small Fry", $13 + $2.50
Heartland creamery goat cheese croquette, shitake mushrooms,
red onion jam & white truffled micro-greens on brioche bun.


Jasmine said...

Oh my gosh, the hunger kicked in in an immense way jiust now as a result of that postl. Dang, this all looks like yum awesome good. Wish I didn't live a bajillion niles away!

London said...

That all looks delicious! I wish I could actually eat it!