Monday, November 28


Kansas City, Missouri » Crown Center/Crossroads
Many restaurants have come and gone at Union Station, but only one has stayed true and fast through the years, Pierpont's. Opened after the renovation of the train station, like any restaurant, business has gone through its highs and lows. With the shuttering of the Hyatt and Crown Center hotel restaurants, they seem to be on their way back up. It has been years since I've stepped inside Pierpont's, but it was still wonderfully unchanged. The decor is just as beautiful and awe-inspring as the first time I was there. I spent my last year of college hostessing at Pierpont's and easily recalled all the questions customers asked. Like who the architect and designer was, Matthew Connelly and Paul Robinson. Or who made the hand-blown glass fish at the bottom of the lamps – Rock Cottage Glassworks in Merriam, Kansas. We saw plenty of marriage proposals and special occasions celebrated in the restaurant, but the actual asking of the hand in marriage usually happened under the clock in the middle of Union Station.

One of the main features of the restaurant is the 18-foot bar with liquor stacked to the ceilings. Once, years ago, the bartenders made a signature cocktail called the Library Ladder. The bartenders would climb to the top, make their cocktail in the shaker and slide down all the way down. It was quite the spectacle – cheers, applause and delight were a guaranteed reaction. They'll still make you the drink, but the show requires fool-hardy bartenders who will absolutely ruin their shoes for your moment of distraction. And those crazy bartenders, they've long left the building.

Library Ladder
1/2 oz. Licor 43  +  1/2 oz. Grand Marnier  +  1/2 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
Shake and serve as a shot or over ice.


sweetbittertart said...

So lovely. I feel like an elegant 'grown up' when I'm there. Clearly I should go there more often. : )