Thursday, November 17


Emmanuel | Private Dining Captain
Years of Industry Service: 33
Emmanuel has been at Pierpont's for a third of his career, but way, way back in the day, his first job was at Putsch's Coffee House (you can read more about Pustch's 210 here and see the old coffee house menu here) on the corner of 47th Street and Broadway. It was 1978. "It was booming. It was was busy," he says. "There were lines around the corner. People were spending money. They would have a martini lunch and then have lunch." After working on the Plaza for so many years, he rarely finds himself down there, or even at the newer Power & Light district anymore. He doesn't feel like it's in his age bracket anymore. A grandfather (not that he even looks like one!) of thirteen and a father of three, he's focused on family and work. Six of those grandkids belong to his son Ricky. "Remember I told you to stay away from him?" Emmanuel asked. "Now you know why."

Since he's taken over PDR, business has gone up 150%. In addition to leading the private dining service at Pierpont's, E-Man has also had a catering business on  the side, a secondary job he's been doing for 20 years. The catering flourished from his years working at a country club; some of his clients he's known for at least a quarter of a century. "A lot of their grandkids are in college now and I knew them since they were three or four," he says. "I'm like Mr. Belvedere....or Benson."  

Emmanuel is really into sports, but always, work and making a living comes first. He spent many years partying and going to bars after shifts and finally realized how much money he was throwing away. "You know how this business is, no rest for the wicked."
On a side note: I used to work with E-Man at Pierpont's. He has HUGE hands.

  Make KC Better » Open my own restaurant, have my own food and show them how black people do it (....but it's cheaper working for The Man)


Anonymous said...

"E-Man" is The Man. Greatest server in KC, and and even better man to have a few drinks with. Proud to call the man a friend.

Anonymous said...

The E-man's comment on how to make KC better is down right funny.

Two brothers. One camera. said...

E-man is the best. I love this post. EOM for sure!