Thursday, November 10

tom f.

Tom F. | Owner
Service Industry Detour
Tom, born and raised in Kansas City, is one of five children, and he's the baby of the family. He says, "the oldest gets what they want and the youngest has to fight to get what they want." (As an oldest, I personally think it's the complete opposite!) Tom and his slightly older brother, Edward, who is the second youngest and an attorney, co-own Fidels'. Before Tom owned Fidels', he had been managing the shop. When the opportunity to buy it came up, he gladly took over and improved it, adding small touches like a smoking lounge for customers to hang out. "It became a place where people wanted to congregate." Tom says that on any given day, you will find a varied mix of people here, from FBI agents and CEOs to bike messengers and truck drivers. Once they sit down, relax and enjoy their cigars, all the titles and job stuff goes away. "It's a melting pot back here," he says. "When they're here, all that doesn't matter."

Tom is an occasional cigar smoker himself and does not smoke cigarettes at all. He doesn't smoke that often because "a cigar is meant to be enjoyed and I don't have the time." What he does have time for is fitness. Tom is an exercise nut and enjoys working out and lifting weights. He also like reading, some sports and travel. You can see inside Tom and Edward's cigar shop here. It's beautiful.

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sweetbittertart said...

This place looks so cozy and groovy. I'm coming back home the week of December 12th and will be sure to visit this, and some of the other places you've highlighted recently that are new to me - and I thought I knew everything about KC!

Thank you so much for what you are doing to promote our interesting, lovely and vibrant city, and its equally interesting, lovely and vibrant people, in such an artistic, fun and informative way. : ) I love love love your blog with the heat of 1,000 suns. Which I believe I've mentioned once or twice before. : )