Wednesday, July 13

100 Days Giveaway Winner!

For this month's drawing, we once again cut out little slips of paper and wrote your names on them, multiple times if you like us on facebook and/or follow us on twitter! Just picked up these fun Pentel markers from Creative Coldsnow in Westport so I had to use them for this. Folded your names into little squares and threw them into a mason jar.....but oops, my hand wouldn't fit in there. Chopsticks to the rescue! Do you know how hard it is to pick a piece of paper out of a jar with chopsticks, hold onto the little bugger and try to photograph it at the same time?! That's how much we love you guys. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. We had so much fun reading them and getting your feedback!

 And the winner is... 

---Jason Burton---
Please email your address to us so we can send your prize!

Photos by Linh Trieu