Tuesday, July 5

Fanny's Cakes

Kansas City, Missouri....on the Boulevard
Here's that sneak peek inside Fanny's Cakes, as promised. There really is pink bombarding you from 360°, but it's lovely. The flan is really fantastic, and for $20, you can get an entire flan cake. We tried horchata and Mexican corn for the first time. The horchata is made with milk only, not water and was cinnamon-y and sweet. The corn on the cob, smothered in sour cream, powdered cheese and drizzled with hot sauce had so many great flavors, is something I would love to try at home sometime.

After our first interview with Fanny, I realized I had forgotten to ask how she would make Kansas City better. Since I live nearby, I thought I'd just pop in and ask her real quick. As a small business owner and often the only one working the shop, she has so much to do and so little time to accomplish it all. One day, she was dealing with refrigeration and cooling repairmen for a pastry case. Another day, she was way behind on baking and didn't have a minute to spare. So we talked about a phone interview at 9 p.m. But she had some late night customers and I was put on hold for 15 minutes. I think she forgot about me. Fanny was so apologetic and nice when we finally did catch up again. She was excited about her press in Tastebud magazine and we were just as excited as she was. Since we were first-time contributors, we knew exactly how Fanny felt. We hope you go visit her sometime. She really is the sweetest. Read Fanny's profile post here.
Full disclosure: Fanny treated us to free horchata and Mexican corn.....which we took because we didn't have cash with us that day and her credit card machine was broken. Even though we went back and tried to pay, she would not accept. Thanks, Fanny!


Foodieworld said...

Looking forward to checking her place out. I love Mexican corn!