Wednesday, July 13

beau w.

Beau W. | General Manager/Lead Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 14
Beau is a smart ass. He is kinda funny, but he has also pushed people's digital buttons the wrong way, and those people, they don't think he's funny at all. Beau writes many of the posts for Manifesto's facebook page; every once in a while, someone out there will not get his sense of humor. "I'm a cheese dick. I learned it all from my little brother. My dad's the worst." And he means that in a good way, because no matter who else is laughing along with you, your family can be cheesy and totally hilarious at the same time. "When people get pissed, it's usually me," he says. "We take ourselves pretty lightly."

Some days, Beau often ends up spending more time in the prep kitchen than behind the bar. When he's out front, he'll be in his vested bartender finery, but prepping all those ingredients for Manifesto's intense cocktail menu requires more casual gear. He has to keep dry cleaning costs in mind when he's doing the grunt work of course.

An award-winning cocktail whiz, he has also been instrumental in growing Kansas City's cocktail scene. This year, he will be one of the judges at the Fifth Annual Greater Kansas City Bartending Competition and he's part of the team coordinating the event. A recent semi-finalist at the Domaine de Canton cocktail competition, Beau said he competed on a 6-foot table and even had to bring his own booze. "We spoil the contestants here in KC," he said. "We do a really good job of staying organized and putting it together." They also take the audience into account, adding entertainment, tasting tables and voting by text message to create an interactive experience. Find out more about the GKCBC here.

Recently, Beau went to Westport Cafe & Bar and asked for a Martinez. "The bartender knew exactly how to make it and it was fucking awesome," he says. But for all the cocktail passion, at the end of the day, it's about having fun and enjoying yourself. "Who gives a shit if you're not having a good time?"

More wedding bells to add to the blog: Beau asked his girlfriend Keely to marry him a few weeks ago. Congratulations!

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foodieworld said...

Kinda strange to see Beau out in the sunlight! Ha! Great blog on Beau and congrats to him and Keely on their engagement!

Giddeon said...

His little brother a cheesedick? Why he has the wit of a young oscar wilde without all the homosexual tendencies!