Thursday, July 14

Congrats Lindsay!

June Employee of the Month
It was a closer race this month. Lindsay always had the lead, but Emily was right behind her. Jess K. and her fans brought in a lot of votes towards the second half of the week. Unfortunately for Jess C., I think she was on vacation watching her beloved U2 during the contest. Congratulations Lindsay and good job on getting your peeps to vote! A big, big, big thank you to the restaurants providing gift certificates to our June Employee of the Month. Lindsay will be receiving four $25 gift certificates, one from each of the following restaurants:
Visit Extra Virgin 
Visit The Rieger
Visit Westport Café and Bar
Visit Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen 


amanda jane said...

this looks fantastic! another must see.

Lindsay said...

Woo hoo! Thanks so much, ladies! I think I will share my gift certificates with the other snow cone thank you from all of us. <3 FTF