Wednesday, July 20

the tunnel

Where are we?
It was my first time to this spot, but it wasn't a secret by any means. We saw plenty of pedestrians, 
cyclists and city workers when were there that day. Love all the different patinas and geometry.
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This is The Town of Kansas Bridge. Everyone was super close, answering in the near vicinity.
David of The Hospitality Formula Network was exact, but since he won last time, we're spreading the love. We'd like to thank David for giving us a short history of the importance of the bridge. You can see more photos and read about it here. Erin Root answered first on facebook and beat streeturchin by five minutes. Erin, don't forget to send us your address. Thanks for playing everyone!
photos by Linh Trieu


street urchin said...

City market pier overlooking the swollen river. Great spot to see all the bike freaks and weirdos after critical mass. Last Fri of the month.

Erica said...

This is the riverwalkout at the end of Main Street.

David said...

At the corner of Main and the Missouri River. One of the coolest spots in KC. Farmhouse for lunch, Lollicup for Bubble Tea, and a walk out on the ToK bridge is one of the coolest afternoon dates in KC

lesley lifting life said...

Darn it, I was too late! haha