Wednesday, July 13

Beef (and Fish), It's for Lunch!

Kansas City, Missouri
My friend texted me the other day and said, please tell me you are free for lunch tomorrow. And you know what, I work from home, so yeah, I can be free from time to time. She was having a bad day, or from her perspective, a bad year altogether, and she needed a time out. So I suggested we have lunch at Starker's. We sat by the window, I shared my most memorable poop story to make her laugh and we had a nice lunch together as we people-watched, peering down at all the hot, sweaty people walking around the Plaza while we were nice and cold upstairs. 

--- {1} ---
Steak Tartare, $10
This French classic is a favorite of mine. How perfect is that egg?
Chopped filet mignon with shallot, caper, extra virgin olive oil,
Campo Lindo egg, and fingerling potato chips.

--- {2} ---
Bookbinder Soup, $6
Our server added the sherry tableside!
Starker's classic soup with steamed fish in rich sherry broth.

--- {3} ---
Burger, $9
Do not order this burger medium-well or well...or else it will be over for the cheese curds.
Freshly ground burger stuffed with brown sugar bacon and Shatto Dairy
cheddar cheese curds, housemade pickles, lettuce, onion and fries.

Photos by Linh Trieu


amanda jane said...

just followed your comment on facebook to your blog. I grew up in Kansas City...I'll have to stop by this place next time I'm home!

Linh + Tina said...

You should! And soon John will have a new concept for you to try too!!

Sarah said...

Starkers is one of my faves - it's a little hidden gem up there. Loving your blog! Sarah (retail gal)