Wednesday, July 6

dominique p.

Dominique P. | Pastry Chef
Years of Industry Service: 13
Dominique's first job in a restaurant was not in the kitchen, it was in the front of the house, as a busser. She went to college to study education with goals of being an kindergarten art teacher, but then she decided she wanted to be an executive chef. Dominique changed her mind once again when she actually got into the kitchen. However, she did fall in love with the pastry-making side of the business and says, "No one turns down dessert." She says she has been lucky to work with chefs who taught her a lot. Because Dominique does not have a culinary degree, she says, "Honestly, I have issues with that all the time." However, she has gotten something just as valuable: on the job training from some of the best chefs in the country, like James Beard winner Michael Smith and her current chef, Carl Thorne-Thomsen. As a self-described perfectionist, she says, "I put my heart and soul into it. It's hard sometimes because I always want it to be better." She also says that because baking is so scientific, she has to take everything into account. "So many things can affect why your bread didn't rise that day."

Dominique's father is Hispanic and her mother is Irish and English. She speaks some Spanish so she surprises people who don't realize her background until they hear her name. She is a girly-girl who loves jewelry, accessories and dressing up, but with work taking up most of her days, she doesn't get a chance to show that side of herself very often. "I have so many girl things at home, but I never get to wear them because I'm here. I dress up to go the the grocery store." Dominique loves making ice cream and is always eating bits of German Chocolate cake.

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Anthony Baldin said...

I have had the distint honor of having had Niki make me a specialty birthday cake. It was so cool, she made me a bottle of "Jamerson" my favorite. It was awesome with all the details...the taste was amazing, I'm not a big fan of cake. She is so creative and believes a cake should be cake!