Tuesday, July 19

pig roast

Kansas City, Missouri
We were burning some time on twitter a few weeks ago when we saw chef Celina Tio tweet about a pig roast. So we ditched our plans and headed to Brookside to check out this whole delicious piggy instead. It takes a couple of strong men to unload this hot sucker out of the roasting box and it smelled amazing. Thanks Chef for giving us a taste, it was utterly moist, heavenly goodness. You can find out about more pig roasts and other Celina Tio news here, here or here


Celina said...

Thanks for stopping by! there was a little learning curve with the roasting box. The skin on the first was a little underdone - delicious, but not crispy enough. This one was good but as your can see, a little too crispy. And the third, of course, was just right :-) I'll probably have another around labor day. -Celina

lesley lifting life said...

We loved watching Celina on The Next Iron Chef and Top Chef Masters!