Wednesday, July 27

ryan m.

Ryan M. | Server/Bartender/Day Manager
Years of Industry Service: 4
From behind the bar, Ryan's voice was a bit low and we had to strain to hear what he was saying. We were asking him about the cat button he had pinned to his left chest and with a dead-pan delivery, he said, "It's just a little cat wearing a sweater. I think it's pretty cute. There are a lot of ladies in here. I think they like it." Ryan has a hard time wearing solid colors, especially black, so he likes to add a bit of something to keep things interesting.

When Ryan isn't working, he goes to other bars, sees live music and takes long, sweaty walks around town from bus stop to bus stop. He lives in Midtown and doesn't own a car, walking or bussing to wherever he needs to be. He'd like to see Kansas City adopt a car share program like zipcar. Some of his favorite bands are Sons of Great Dane, Cherokee Rock Rifle, Hot Dog Skeletons and Various Blonde, but his favorite band of all time is John Nash

In the future, Ryan said, "I'd like one of these (a bar), of my own." He's already in the right path towards his dream. His drinking establishment would be somewhere between Le Fou Frog and Harry's Country Club, his favorite classy joint and neighborhood bar. He would open his bar in a neighborhood-area, within walking distance of people's homes, "preferably my own house."

Ryan is also a big Royals fan.

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