Thursday, July 14

raymond c.

Raymond C. | Bartender
Years of Industry Service: 5
Raymond, a transplant from Dallas, Texas, didn't start his service industry career until he came to Kansas City. He actually moved north for college, first arriving Atchison, Kansas to attend Benedictine College. But coming from big city Dallas to itty bitty city Atchison was a tough transition for Raymond, so he hightailed it to Kansas City. Now, a resident of Waldo and recent graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City, he is getting ready for grad school. "I'm not ready for a real job," he says. 

Raymond just started bartending a year ago. "I was serving for four years and drinking heavily in between and that's what got me into this." Now, he has a huge bar at home and he wants to enter this year's GKCBC. "I went last year and said, that's what I want to do." At Carmen's however, he doesn't have the luxury of making time-intensive cocktails. "I'm not in that industry. I gotta make them delicious and pump them out quick." Raymond's liquor of choice is bourbon, neat or on the rocks. 

School and eventually his "real job" will all be a means to an end for Raymond. One day, he'd like to own his own restaurant. "I'm a good cook and make even better cocktails," he says. Confidence and a clear goal for the future, that sounds like a good start to us.

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