Thursday, July 28

jason w.

Jason W. | Lead Cocktail Server
Years of Industry Service: 11
Jason moved to Kansas City in 2007 from Chicago. Before that he lived in Denver and was raised in Dallas. Home now though, is Kansas City, and he has no plans on leaving a city he has grown to love. He lives downtown and works in Prairie Village. He frequents Harry's in Westport, but mostly he's a dive bar guy, so you're more likely to find him at the Gusto. He is a big video game guy and is really into politics. "As much as I hate it (politics), I can't get enough." 

Jason has tried his hand at other work but it's in restaurants where he has found his niche. "I've done other things," he says, "Management, blah. Retail, double blah. And a desk job for a few months, triple blah. I'm really good at what I do. I'm a good server. I enjoy my job so much." As far as serving jobs go, he says his current job is best so far. "I feel so privileged to be at a restaurant that's doing so well."  Jason was managing at Sharp's 63rd Street Grill in Brookside before he joined the team at Tavern in the Village. He had been promoted to management there and it was what he did for six months, "but I'm not a good manager." The big transition for him was "readjusting my serving skills," he says, "Once everything fell into play, it turned out great."

Jason says he is close to his family, especially his mother and brother.

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