Friday, July 29

toni a.

Toni A. | Cashier/Front of the House
Years of Industry Service: 2 months
Toni's first job in the service industry is a sweet one; she's behind the counter at Dolce Bakery, where upon opening the doors, you can't help be be instantly enveloped by sugary sweetness, and it's glorious. For Toni, it's a lot better than her previous job as a life guard. "Life guarding was pretty boring," she says, "This is a lot more fun, even when there are slow times."

When school starts back up again in a few short weeks, Toni will be starting her senior at Shawnee Mission East High School. She is the co-editor in chief for the Harbinger, their school paper. She also plays the piano and runs track. Between school, work and her extra-curricular activities, Toni says she doesn't have much free time, especially with her newspaper responsibilities.

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