Friday, July 15

Bastille Day

Westport Café & Bar // Kansas City, Missouri
Aaron at Westport Cafe & Bar really knows how to throw a party. There were tons of cute girls in the cutest dresses. The guys weren't so bad either, all impeccably dressed. Loved all the red, white and blue, the fun stripes and berets. Cocktails were perfect, every table was full, and the crowd was lively. We had a seat at the bar and just watched and watched, and drank and drank. It was a super great party.

--- {1} ---
This server was adorable. He working and dancing and having a great time doing his job.

--- {2+3} ---
Westport Café bartender Stan, off duty. With a friend on the left and a co-worker on the right.

--- {4} ---
Hilary, Paul & Winifred. The girls are from The Rieger. Paul is a photographer.

--- {5} ---
See what I mean about the cute girls?! Chelsea looking beautiful on the left and the girl on the right had a wonderful, exotic name I can't remember! I thought she looked like a gorgeous, young Brooke Shields.

--- {6} ---
The boys behind the bar: Joel & Bronson.

--- {7} ---
Major Brands liquor rep Adrian with Westport Café owner Aaron. I met Adrian for the first time and he was hilarious. He was playfully flirting with one of the girls but I think he scared the daylights out of her. 

--- {8} ---
Just a group of hotties. The blond in the middle had on the best outfit, a wide striped red and white shirt with light blue trousers. Chic and fabulous.

--- {9, 10, 11, 12} ---
Just a closeup of all the great details. Everyone seriously looked so good.

--- {13} ---
Aviation, $8
Gin, Luxardo, Lemon Juice, Creme de Violette

--- {14+15} ---
Mussels with Blue Cheese and Bacon, $11

--- {16} ---
Champagne in coupe glasses. So what do you think? Breastacular?

Photos by Linh Trieu