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david h.

David H. | Server/Author
Years of Industry Service: 16
David, full of nervous energy and a friendly smile, is a history buff. He learned his love for the past from his father who would take him to different parts of town and regale him with fascinating stories of Kansas City. Now, he gets a lot of his new stories from guests at The Majestic Restaurant. David has a pretty good memory. If you get a chance to visit him at The Majestic, he can tell you everything about the restaurant’s rich history: its speakeasy past, how old the tin ceilings are, who painted the murals and what is old in the restaurant but not original. When his friends come to town, he says, "I give the most obnoxious tours of Kansas City." 

David grew up in Gladstone, Missouri. He went to North Kansas City High School and his first job was at the 54th Street Grill & Bar in Gladstone. When he got hired on at his current job at The Majestic, he was told the management style was to let people do what they knew, and that was magic to his ears. Before he came to the independently-owned restaurant, David worked for a popular corporate chain on the Plaza for years. "It's only been a few months, but I've already forgotten what it's like to work without someone hassling you."

A 16-year veteran of the service industry, David started writing about his work experience almost three years ago. He shopped a book to publishers, but was told by literary agents that he need a platform and an audience. So David started blogging and writing. And writing and blogging. A year after he started, he now has five blogs including The Manager's Office, Restaurant Laughs and Foodie Knowledge, all which fall under his umbrella blog, The Hospitality Formula Network. As David became more proliferate in his blogging, he realized that he was covering too many topics to fit into one blog. Now he writes daily, focusing on a different subject each day. David says, " I was shocked at how much my writing was different." 

After looking at his options, David decided to self-publish. His first book, Tips2*: Tips for Improving Your Tips, is a teaching manual covering the basics of service, from pacing courses for a positive guest experience to wine knowledge and up-selling to improve sales. David's book is available here. He is now working on a second book as well as a training manual. When asked if he would consider writing a history-based book, David said, "At best, I'm a second rate historian and a third rate writer, but I know about restaurants, so I'll stick to what I know."

With the little free time he has, David tries to get together with friends as much as possible. He also likes to go to Worlds of Fun a couple of times a month. His girlfriend, also a server, does her best to get him off the computer. 

*Read as "Tips Squared" because I don't know how to superscript on blogger. Sorry!

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