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Sloane | General Manager
Years of Industry Service: 20+
Sloane recently jumped onto the management side of the restaurant business. Formerly a server at Le Fou Frog, Sloane is now in charge of Prairie Village's newest restaurant, Story. She went from a laissez-faire, crazy, knick-knack filled environment to one of sharp, clean lines and ultra-modern sophistication. From wearing whatever she wanted to work and sometimes in costume to wearing black suits. And she went from working regular serving shifts to 80-hour weeks."It's been a challenge and there's a lot more pressure," she says, "But I surround myself with people who know what they're doing."

Sloane, a Southern flower from Fort Smith, Arkansas, moved to Kansas City nine years ago. Although Sloane misses being close to her family, she likes Kansas City for our art scene and our green scene. And by green, she means all the trees, parks and green spaces that we are so lucky to have and enjoy. If you've lived in Kansas City your whole life, you might take for granted how much green we're surrounded by, but for visitors, it's one of the things they notice right away and often remark upon.

She has two nicknames, L'il Bun and L'il Cheese. Her husband is Big Bun. She got the nickname L'il Cheese from Jeff Joe, one of her best friends, because she was so cheesy. Her hair is crazy-curly in its natural state. She has a personality-filled and spoiled little dog named Boudreaux. She collects cookbooks and is obsessed with food magazines. Her favorite magazine is Southern Living. Sloane and husband, Matt, also from Arkansas, cook amazing meals and enjoy visiting local restaurants on their days off together.
Note: We haven't been so lucky as to meet her parents, but we have met her in-laws Miss Becky and Mr. Jack of Little Rock, Arkansas (Matt's parents). Sorry, Sloane, we just had to hijack part of your post to say how much we love them!

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Sloane said...

One note. Joe Keys AKA "Cheeser" gave me my nickname. Thanks for the blog!! Boud appreciates the shout out!!!

zendaughter said...

Verbal Gratuity... I like that. You look absolutely stunning. Peaceful, like you've come into your own. I think it of import to note, Sloane also has a very cool sister down Austin, Texas way and three handsome nephews who are her world! (Also, for the record- her first nickname was Sloanie Baloney. Fitting, don't you think?) I'm very proud of you, my dear. Love, Me


So proud of one of my oldest friends!

roni jaco said...

The lovely Sloane, worked the room at Story like a pro and the Chef's food was some of the best I have had in KC in a long time!

Kathi Rohlfing said...

I don't know which is better, seeing my friend Sloanie or the Duck Empanadas with crispy poached eggs. Fabulous!!!

Lindsey said...

Your pictures are beautiful!
Love you Sloanie,

Jill Cornett said...

Excellent GM, wonderful soul. Love you.

Becky said...

Sloanie, you are beautiful inside and out! We are so proud of you and the fantastic job you are doing. We can't wait to experience your "Story"!
Becky and Jack

Joe Keys said...

Cheese, please forgive my tardiness but you know my busy globe trotting schedule affords me distressingly little time for sloth and idle.
Cheese I was shocked and appalled when I read this article describing you as a successful responsible adult! What in the world is in the mid-western water and what has KC done with my Slo-Anne? Of course I was delighted to see my shout out and even more delighted to gaze my eyes upon your heavenly visage. Cheese I'm very proud of you and think perhaps I should plan a trip to Chiefs country to meet this new incarnation.
Story indeed. :-)
(((((Hugs Cheese)))))